AWS optimized Odoo deployment

Odoo Expertise in Amazon AWS

Pragmatic being an Amazon partner and implementer of AWS solution for Odoo clients since long, it has been a natural move, driven by pure need of the market, to venture into this space of iPaaS with Odoo on AWS.

We specialise in providing consulting and implementation services to customers looking to take advantage of the Odoo Cloud Hosting with Webshops and Enterprise solutions, including fully managed services for all types of customers: from customers with a low budget through to high end customers.

Friends with Advanced Technology

We are abreast with the most advanced and state of art technology when it comes Odoo and AWS. Designing solutions for Odoo on AWS based on the client’s need, user base and performance requirement has been our forte; this had given us the edge to use right mix of ever evolving AWS technologies effectively for Odoo. We are a business inspired by such ever changing technologies and we back this by a drive to be the best at what we do.

Performance tuned Odoo deployment

Over the period we have tested various approaches and our Operation Heap(OH) is optimized for Odoo deployment on AWS. We are using lightweight and high performance components which avoids the overbearing of the system. Check out our offering, with a demo Installation, where you can find the rights to our claims.